I’m Gonna Make This Place Your Home

Artist: Phillip Phillips ~
The latest season of American Idol follows the trend of WGWG winners – White Guys With Guitars. Season 11 winner, 20 year old Phillip Phillips, has a dirty drawl to his voice which brings some country swag.
Throughout the season he showed the judges and America that he really knew how to make a song his own. But the best song he performed was his first single. “Home” is a song reminiscent of a Mumford & Sons sound which offers and emotional pull with the sweet lyrics. The song is really good and even made me cry when he performed it live at the AI finale (I know, I’m a cheeseball). Below is a shorter version of the song performed for the show. There is also a full studio version available on iTunes.
Phillips had a couple of covers that really stood out to me during the season. I’ll link to the live AI versions, but all of the studio versions are available on iTunes or YouTube. “Movin’ Out” was defintely a favorite of mine. This is also the perfect example of Phillips taking advantage of the band. He uses the saxaphone throughout a lot of his renditions. “Stand By Me” has and will always be one of my favorite songs, and Phillips made the song even better with his cover. “Disease” by Matchbox 20 was a song I didn’t expect. The way Phillips arranged the song disguised it completely. I didn’t even realize who it was originally sung by until I looked it up. This is one of my favorites from the season. I don’t I’d heard “Beggin” before Phillips did it, but I really love the darker groove he gave to this song. “Volcano” showed a jazzy soul in Phillips, while “Time of the Season” brings out his pop falsetto. “Fat Bottomed Girls” pulls on his country drawl. “The Stone” is darker but still sweet. I love that Phillips took on Usher with “U Got It Bad.” He gives it a little more of a sincere feeling with his signature acoustic arrangement. “Give A Little More” is another song that I didn’t realize who the original came from. Maroon 5‘s pop beats have been thrown out the window once again as Phillips strips down the song. This is definitely one of my favorites. Phillips slowed down Phil Collins‘s hit “In The Air Tonight” for a more emotional rendition. But perhaps the best moment from Phillips (other than winning and singing “Home (coronation)” on the finale) was his audition in the beginning of the season. Just watch and love.