Pocket Dreams

Artist: Pocket Dreams 


Pocket Dreams

The folk-pop duo from Georgia found their niche with a couple ukulele’s and great harmonizing. Pocket Dreams is a sweet blend of voices (male-Clinton and female-Emmy) and percussion (Nathan) who remind me of sounds like Owl City, Colbie Caillat, Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz.

The trio released their first EP this past May. The six tracks work well together to form a beautiful rounded sound for the band.

Their first song, “All Yours,” is a great opening for the band. The opening of the Ukulele and back and forth vocals immediately show what the band is about. It’s a sweet love song with a catchy hook.

“Foolish Love” is a song sung entirely by Emmy and shows off her sweet, smooth voice. It’s hard not to fall in love with her tone.

“My Everything” is a slower paced song with a beautiful classical piano guiding the way through the heartbreak song. The give and take between Emmy and Clinton reminds me of Lady Antebellum.

“Pure Gold” is one like “All Yours” and carries on the feel-good vibe the band started out with.

“For The Moon” uses the piano and soft vocal harmonies to produce a strong feeling. Here’s a live video of the song.

“Will You Listen?” starts off as a more simple song with less elements overlapping. It’s a sweet ending to the EP that is satisfying, but still leaves me wanting more.

The band’s Reverbnation profile and Facebook both have the EP available to listen. Check out their Twitter for more updates, YouTube for more videos, and you can buy the EP on iTunes.